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Changing the Landscape of Aesthetic Surgery

The American Board of Aesthetic Surgery was founded by plastic surgeons dedicated to advancing the safety and efficacy of aesthetic surgery as its own field and displaying to the public the merit of choosing surgeons focused and experienced in the sub-specialized field of Aesthetic Surgery, as demonstrated by being a member of the American Board of Aesthetic Surgery.

Through demonstrated expertise and experience in aesthetic surgery, in addition to the full completion of accredited training in one of plastic surgery’s pre-requisite fields, one can become a member of The American Board of Aesthetic Surgery.

Plastic Surgeons are admitted to this exclusive society by un-biased members of their field who also maintain practice dedicated to Aesthetics.

Directors and Members are strictly volunteers and NO FEES are charged for application and admittance to maintain the purity and purpose of this organization.

Through this society, members are encouraged to develop close professional relationships in order to advance our mission of elevation and mastery of Aesthetic Surgery and Aesthetic Medicine.

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